Forget bookmark syncing

When people who need to manage their bookmarks across multiple computers and browsers, they often turn to bookmark syncing services like Xmarks sync and FoxTab. Unfortunately, these services only solve a small part of the problem with bookmarks (access across browsers). A larger problem is one of bookmark usability—accessing bookmarks involves clicking through a maze of dropdown menus.

Hyperlink5 offers a browser independent way of saving bookmarks. When you save a bookmark, it is added your homepage hosted in the cloud. This page-based view of your bookmarks offers several advantages over browser-based bookmarks:

  • Bookmarks can be laid out visually to your own preferences (or not all all). Over time you become accustomed to the visual format and find links with zero searching.
  • Bookmarks can be grouped and rearranged through dragging and dropping.
  • Renaming or deleting links is a simple as a right-click.
  • Bookmarks are easily searchable.
  • Bookmarks are accessible from any computer and internet browser.

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