Updates to navigation, trash, and how links are added

We have made a number of updates to Hyperlink5 to make organizing your links even easier.


The navigation bar is now smaller and pinned to the top. The search box is a little bit bigger and your settings and logout links are tucked away in a menu to save space.


Part of the new navigation is that a trash drop area has been added, making it easier to drag items into the trash from any place on the screen.

New links area

We’ve also made it easier to move newly added links from their group into other groups. That group is not located inline with the other groups, and can be moved and renamed (but not deleted) just like any other group.

Give us feedback!

If you like the changes, please spread the word. Rate our browser plugins for Chrome and Firefox. If you find any bugs please click the feedback button your Hyperlink5 page to let us know about it.

Thanks and happy web surfing.

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